This course is designed to teach you how to effectively operate your AR-15 style carbine with your pistol. Topics covered will include: setting up your carbine, zeroing your optics, fundamentals of marksmanship, fast and effective shooting at CQB distances, gear set up, weapons, ammo and optics selection, transition drills, shooting and moving and shooting around barricades.

Student Gear List:

  1. AR-15 style rifle with sling (if you really want to run something else let me know and we can discuss)

  2. 4-5 rifle magazines.

  3. Method of carrying rifle mags. Can be a chest rig, plate carrier, battle belt, or back pocket.

  4. Eye protection/ hearing protection.

  5. Loose fitting pants/ shirt/ gloves and knee pads are optional.

  6. Blow out kit and tourniquet (not required but always recommended when shooting)

  7. Water and food/ snacks.

  8. Spare parts for rifle/ pistol. Spare batteries for optics/ flashlight.

  9. 500-600 rounds rifle ammunition.

  10. Handgun (full size pistol is recommended, compacts are ok, please no sub compacts).

  11. Holster, I recommend the Blackpoint Tactical FO3.

  12. Three to four pistol mags.

  13. 500 600 rounds pistol ammunition.

Private Range in southern Arizona

Course Contact Information
Bill Rapier

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