What if you could only have one rifle? Serious men have discussed the merits of different platforms/ optics for years. With a properly configured “hybrid carbine” you can confidently make all of the time standards at CQB distances and then transition and engage out to 600-700 yards. This course will teach you solid carbine fundamentals on day one and then transition to shooting holds out to 500-700 yards, understanding MOA's/ Mil's, reading wind, ammo and optics selection, spotting and basic medical.

Altus Shooting Solutions Range
8300 Mashourn Forks Rd
Baker, FL 32531

Course Contact Information 
Bill Rapier
[email protected]

Student Gear List

  1. AR-15 style “hybrid carbine”**(if you really want to run something else let me know and we can discuss)
  2. 4-5 rifle magazines.
  3. Method of carrying rifle mags. Can be a chest rig, plate carrier, battle belt or back pocket.
  4. Eye protection/ hearing protection.
  5. Loose fitting pants/ shirt/ gloves and knee pads are optional.
  6. Blow out kit and tourniquet (not required but always recommended when shooting)
  7. Spare parts for rifle. Spare batteries for optics/ flashlight.
  8. Cleaning kit/ lube.
  9. 600 rds manipulation ammunition/ 350 rds accurate ammunition.
  10. Spotting Scope (nice to have but not mandatory).
  11. Range Finder (nice to have but not mandatory).
  12. Kestrel (nice to have but not mandatory).
  13. Sleeping bag and food.

**Here is what my rifle looks like:

Forged mil spec upper and lower (any reputable brand)
Proof Research 16 inch stainless/ carbon fiber barrel, 1/8 twist Wylde chamber
Midwest Industries keymod freefloat tube 12 or 15 in tube
Smith Vortex flash suppressor
Geilse SSK two stage trigger
Hogue grip
Magpul CTR stock
Magpul back up sights
Vortex Razor HDII 1-6 Mil reticle (any good 1-6 or 1-8 with mil or minute hash marks and a daytime visible red dot will do)
Vortex/ Bobro QD cantaliever mount
Arisaka keymod flashlight mounted between 9 and 12
V-Tac sling (the one with no padding)
77 gr Black Hills Ammunition

Registrant Information


I agree to allow American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC or any of its agents to perform a background check. Cancellation will result in a full refund if there is someone available to take your spot. Otherwise, cancellation prior to 30 days out will result in a coupon of equal value to a future American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC training course occurring within 10 months of the canceled course. Cancellations within the 30-day window are non-refundable if no one is available to take your spot.
We will not share your information with anyone else, ever. We will keep your contact information to communicate with you about this course and upcoming courses or products unless you request otherwise.
A signed waiver is required before student participation.

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