Statistics tell us that you are two to three times as likely to be involved in a violent confrontation during the hours of darkness.  That being said, when was the last time you trained at night?  The Amtac Shooting Low Light Tactics Course will equip you to confidently assess and engage/ deescalate as appropriate during the hours of darkness.  This course will cover pistol fundamentals, strategy/ tactics for night engagements, use of weapons mounted and hand held light for IDing/ engaging targets, pistol manipulation with hand held flashlight, mindset, gear selection and night combatives. This course is shot day into night (12:30 - 9PM). Course is $650.

Blue Trail Range
316 N Branford Rd
Wallingford CT, 06492

Course Contact Information
Bill Rapier

Student Gear List:

  1. Handgun, full size or compact (please no subcompacts).
  2. Lights.  At a minimum bring a hand held flashlight that will fit in your pocket.  I recommend bringing both a hand held flashlight and a weapons mounted flashlight.
  3. 3-4 pistol magazines (5 magazines if you have to shoot reduced capacity magazines).
  4. Holster, I recommend an inside the waistband holster all kydex style (“FO3”).
  5. Non firing pistol shape or SIRT pistol.
  6. Clothing that are typical of your everyday dress, but ones that you don't mind getting dirty.
  7. Eye and ear protection.
  8. Spare parts/ oil for pistol
  9. 1000 rounds of training ammo. ***Due to the current ammo shortage if you want to shoot a Glock G44 or something similar in .22 for part of the course, that is acceptable. If you do this you must have a holster for the .22 you are shooting.***
  10. Hat, sunscreen, water, snacks.
  11. Blow out kit and tourniquet.

Registrant Information

I agree to allow American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC or any of its agents to perform a background check. Cancellation prior to 30 days out will result in a refund of 50%, with the other half being applied to future American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC training courses.
We will not share your information with anyone else, ever. We will keep your contact information to communicate with you about this course and upcoming courses or products unless you request otherwise.
A signed waiver is required before student participation.

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