This is a custom two day pistol course. This course will reinforce the pistol fundamentals to help you to better protect yourself and your family. 

This course will take you beyond the basics and will instill the cutting edge mindset, tactics and drills necessary to enable you to survive a violent confrontation.

Two days of world class pistol shooting instruction will involve hours of realistic drills designed to increase your situational awareness and instill confidence in your firearms handling ability.

We will cover topics such as:

  • mindset
  • gear selection
  • proper pistol handling
  • pistol draw
  • shooting
  • shooting and moving
  • pros and cons of mrds use versus traditional iron sights
  • basic medical

Student Gear List:

1. Handgun, full size or compact (please no subcompacts).
2. 3-4 pistol magazines.
3. Holster: Your holster must be all Kydex from a reputable company. I recommend an inside the waistband holster from (Blackpoint Tactical “FO3”). Your pistol should be completely concealed.
4. Clothing that are typical of your everyday dress, but ones that you don't mind getting dirty.
5. Eye and ear protection.
6. Spare parts/ oil for pistol
7. 700 rounds of training ammo. ***Due to the current ammo shortage if you want to shoot a Glock G44 or something similar in .22 for part of the course, that is acceptable. If you do this you must have a holster for the .22 you are shooting.***
8. Hat, sunscreen, water, snacks.
9. Blow out kit and tourniquet (not mandatory, but always a good idea to have).

Private Range in southern Arizona

Course Contact Information
Bill Rapier
[email protected]

Because this is a private course, a password is required to register.

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