This is a 2 day precision rifle course. The purpose of this course is to build men that are able able to shoot out to 600-700 yards, 1200-1400 yards and 1600-2000+ yards depending on weapons system.

In order to reach proficiency in this goal, we will cover these topics during the course:

  • precision rifle shooting
  • setting up your rifle
  • understanding MOAs and mils
  • reading the wind
  • understanding shooter/spotter communication
  • using ballistic software
  • non standard shooting positions

Student Gear List:

1. Center fire rifle .243 or larger.
2. Scope with finger adjustable turrets either MOA or MIL.
3. 400 rounds of match ammo.
4. Eye and ear protection.
5. Shooting mat (not mandatory but recommended).
6. Hat, sunscreen, water, food, snacks.
7. Clothes you don't mind getting dirty
8. Loose fitting Pants/ shirt/ gloves and knee pads are optional.
9. Blow out kit and tourniquet (always good to have).
10. Spare parts for rifle. Spare batteries for optics/ flashlight.
11. Cleaning kit and oil.

Nice to have, but not required: 

  • Shooting tripod
  • Range finder
  • Kestrel with applied ballistic software
  • Binos/spotting scope

Altus Shooting Solutions Range
8300 Mashourn Forks Rd
Baker, FL 32531

Primitive onsite camping is available Saturday night. 

Course Contact Information:
Bill Rapier
[email protected]

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A signed waiver is required before student participation.

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