The Amtac Shooting Modern Minuteman Course

This is the Modern Minuteman Course. The purpose of this course is to develop your modern day minuteman skills so you are ready and capable to navigate, shoot, communicate and survive. 

You will learn to:

  • Be able to navigate 20 miles while carrying a 25-30lbs load
  • Have a base level of bushcrafting skills
  • Be able to shoot out to 600-700 yards
  • Understand basic LOS (line of sight) communications. 

Day 1:
> precision rifle class/ practical
> navigation class/ practical
> basic LOS (line of sight) communications

Day 2:
> competition where you put all of these skills together.

Why a competition? Because it is good to put some pressure on ourselves from time to time. Also, guys will prepare more for the course if they know that they will be able to test themselves against their peers. The competition will be self-paced, so you don’t have to be able to complete all of the tasks or navigate to all of the waypoints. 

About the Instructor, Bill Rapier

Bill Rapier is the owner and lead instructor of American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC, also known as Amtac Shooting. He is recently retired after twenty years in the Navy, where his duty assignments included several years at SEAL Team 3 and over 14 years at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Positions held include assaulter, breacher, sniper, team leader, troop chief and military working dog department senior enlisted adviser. He has always been an avid shooter and is heavily involved in combatives.


  • Base level of fitness; be able to walk 5 miles with 30lbs pack
  • Competent and 100% safe with pistol and carbine
    **You need to have completed a pistol and a carbine course with myself, Kyle Defoor, Bill Blowers, Northern Red, or another reputable trainer, or you need to have someone I know vouch for you.  If you are not sure contact me.

Student Gear List:

  1. Accurate AR style carbine  (This can be a hybrid carbine, Reece rifle or heavy recce.  Carbine needs to have a sling, 200 rounds accurate ammo (Black Hills 77gr TMK is recommended) and 200 rounds of manipulation ammo and 6 mags.)
  2. Full size or compact pistol with 3 standard capacity mags, 200 rounds and your holster (I recommend the blackpointtactical FO3)
  3. Silva Ranger compass with adjustable declination
  4. Protractor with 1:24,000 scale
  5. Pencil, ruler, eraser, fine sharpie
  6. Small waterproof notebook
  7. GPS. Garmin Etrex 20x or Foretrex 401 or up
  8. Eye and ear protection
  9. Medium pack  (I recommend the HPG Ute, HPG Umlindi or the Kuiu Ultra 3000 (newer model))
  10. Ability to carry 3 liters of water
  11. Food to keep you walking for 6-8 hours
  12. Basic fire kit
  13. Blow out kit and tourniquet
  14. Sunscreen, bug spray, snivel kit
  15. For the competition, your pack must weigh between 25 and 32 pounds, this will include your rifle weight

Near Goldendale, Washington (directions provided in course registration email)

Onsite camping is available

Course Contact Information:
Bill Rapier
Primary: [email protected]
Secondary: (208) 701-2542

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I agree to allow American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC or any of its agents to perform a background check.

Payment Terms:
Your student registration includes a non-refundable $100 deposit. This deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable. Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the course will result in a refund or course coupon for the course value minus your deposit. Cancellations within 30 days of the course will result in a refund or course coupon for the course value minus your deposit only if a replacement can be found for your spot. If no replacement can be found there will be no refunds.

We will not share your information with anyone else, ever. We will keep your contact information to communicate with you about this course and upcoming courses or products unless you request otherwise.

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