LEO NVG CQB Course Description:

This course is designed to teach law enforcement and military professionals the tactics and techniques they need to stay alive in an increasingly dangerous workplace.  The focus of this training is the employment of helmet mounted night vision during CQB clearance problems. How do we use this massive technological advantage to best ensure officer safety as well as well as increasing the the odds of successfully accomplishing your mission.  Topics covered will include: setting up your helmet and night vision goggles, setting up your carbines and pistols to maximize their NVG integration, pistol and carbine live fire with and without NVG's, when to use white light versus NVG's and CQB with and without NVG's.

Bill Rapier is the owner and lead instructor of American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC. He recently retired as a SEAL after 20 years in the Navy.  His duty assignments included several years at SEAL Team Three and over fourteen years at Naval Special Warfare Development Group.  Positions held include assaulter, breacher, sniper, team leader and troop chief.  Since 9/11 he has been on over ten combat deployments in both the Afghan and Iraqi theaters.  He has always been an avid shooter and is heavily involved in combatives.

LEO NVG CQB Course Gear List

  • AR-15 style rifle with sling (if you really want to run something else let me know and we can discuss)
  • Night vision compatible red dot sight and or laser and illuminator
  • Helmet-mounted night vision/ batteries
  • 4-5 rifle magazines 
  • 500 rifle rounds
  • Method of carrying rifle mags (bring your patrol belt and vest)
  • Eye protection/ hearing protection
  • Unit radios preferably with integration with your comms headset
  • Loose-fitting pants/ shirt/ hat/ gloves/ warmies/ rain gear and knee pads are optional
  • Blow out kit and tourniquet
  • Water/ snacks/ coffee
  • Spare parts for rifle/ pistol and spare batteries for optics/ flashlight
  • Handgun (full-size pistol or compact. Run an RDS with your pistol and have the ability to push IR light and preferably white light as well. Surefire X-300v is the best option for both.)
  • Holster and mag pouches
  • Three to four pistol mags
  • 500 rounds pistol ammunition
  • UTM or Simmunition pistol and carbine with 250 rounds or training munitions for each platform, as well as approved protective equipment.

Private Range in OKC (exact location will be sent with the registration email)

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Bill Rapier
[email protected]
Team Amtac: (208) 701-2542  

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