How do you win fighting as a small team in and around structures. What is the best way to maximize your effectiveness and minimize your opponents. The Amtac Shooting Small Team CQB course will take you through a logical progression on how to best clear structures and deal with the threats in them. Other topics to be covered will include fighting in the threshhold, transitions between weapons system, pros and cons of dynamic vs deliberate CQB, using radio communications during clearance, white light use during clearance and mindset. Tuhon Tom Kier from Sayoc Kali will be co teaching this course.  Due to the nature of the material being taught, you must be a current Amtac Shooting Student or a Sayoc member in order to participate in this training.

Pittston, PA (directions provided in the course confirmation email)

Course Contact
Primary: [email protected]
Secondary: (208) 701-2542

Amtac Shooting Small Team CQB course Gear List:

  • Sirt Pistol or Blue gun shape, and a kydex holster for it. 
  • AR-15 style carbine or pistol with RDS or LPVO, light and sling.
  • Blackbeard Mantis (this is not mandatory, but is a phenomenal training tool to bring if possible). 
  • Method of carrying AR mags: this can be a plate carrier, battle belt or back pocket.
  • Integrated comms. Have a radio able to run GMRS frequencies on your headset. 
  • Training blades (Sayoc, Atienza, HHB or Amtac Blades).
  • Clothing typical of your everyday dress, but ones that you don't mind getting dirty
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Spare parts/ oil for pistol and carbine
  • Hat, sunscreen, water, snacks
  • Blow out kit and tourniquet.

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