God, Family, Country. Many of us grew up with those words, but what do they actually mean? Are we living the values that we profess, or are they just words? The world tells us that Christian men are weak - a milk-toast version of Christianity. That needs to stop. As followers of Christ, we are called to stand up and battle for the truth, battle for our families, and battle for our country. As Christian men, we are called to love God, love our wives, and love and train our children to follow Christ. We should also be capable men. If you are a believer, this course will encourage your walk with the Lord, if you are not a believer you will hear the Good News, and either way you will receive some solid combatives instruction on striking, blade use, and some general physicality. You will learn practical ways to be more capable of protecting yourself and your family and you will learn practical ways to follow harder after Christ. This is an active course, you need to be healthy to participate. This course will cover the following:

  • The calling of Christian men
  • Throwing elbows
  • Using head butts
  • Throwing knees
  • Using Thai clinch and collar ties
  • Intro to blade use
  • Team stress course
  • Practical ways to follow more intentionally after Christ
  • The Gospel
  • Q&A
  • Dinner

Altus Shooting Solutions Range

Course Contact Information
Bill Rapier
[email protected]

Student Gear List:

  • Loose-fitting athletic clothing
  • Water/ snacks for the training (dinner is provided)
  • Thai pads (only bring if you already have them)
  • Training blade (only bring if you already have)

Registrant Information

  • If the $50.00 cost of this course is the reason you are not going to come, please reach out to us and ask about sponsorship.


I agree to allow American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC or any of its agents to perform a background check.

**Due to the nature of logistics for a course like this we will not be able to issue any refunds.
** Please be 100% sure you can attend before registering.

We will not share your information with anyone else, ever. We will keep your contact information to communicate with you about this course and upcoming courses or products unless you request otherwise.
A signed waiver is required before student participation.

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